By Appointment Only

We Fingerprint for $50.00

A 3% convenience  fee is charged for credit/debit cards 

 Fingerprinting Services  

1000 South Illinois Street Belleville, Illinois


  • The St Clair County Regional Office of Education #50 now offers livescan fingerprinting.  Our hours are 8:30am to 4:00pm, Monday - Friday  (We are closed for all government holidays.)  Click the link below to schedule an appointment. Due to COVID-19 regulations, we cannot accept walk-ins.


Getting Started

  • Bring a government-issued photo ID.

  • Bring the fee of $50.00. Use of a credit or debit card will be charged a 3% convenience fee.

  • We will capture your fingerprints and supply you with two copies of your form with your Transaction Control Number (TCN) you will need for your particular application process

  • Your fingerprints are sent directly to the Illinois State Police where they are processed and sent to the appropriate agency.


Concealed Carry Permits and Concealed Carry Instructors

  • Click for: Concealed Carry Form

  • While we do take your photo during the fingerprinting process, it is NOT a photo that may be used on your application.


IDFPR Licenses



  • Please follow instructions on your application on how to submit your fingerprint TCN. Most applications require you to submit a copy of your receipt which has your TCN on it. We supply you with a cash receipt as well as a copy of your form with your TCN on it.

  • We fingerprint for Physicians, Massage Therapists, Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Professional Nurses, Locksmiths, Security Guards, Vehicle Dealer Licenses and many more!

  • Please contact us if your licensed profession is not listed above as we may be able to fingerprint you, too!


UCIA Fingerprint Submissions

  • Click for: UCIA Fingerprinting Form

  • UCIA is a fingerprint submission that is STATE ONLY. While most professional licenses are required to have State and FBI results.

  • UCIA is typically used when a business owner would like to fingerprint their employees.

  • The cost for UCIA Fingerprinting is $25.00

         Fingerprint results can take up to 45 days to be processed.

         If you feel as if you have waited long enough, you may call the Illinois State Police customer              service at 815-740-5160.

If you have any further questions you may call our office at 618-825-3900.

Fingerprinting services are temporarily unavailable.  Please check back at a later date